Hilarious Blood Diamond Outtakes


If you watch it long enough, you will get really excited at the parts where he accidentally falls into an actual rhythm. - Paul


Todd Glass did this last night. 


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For the love of God just give me some air!

—Mariah Carey’s Tits



As far as I can tell, is about 3 feet short of an apple tart.


Jurassic Park is coming out in 3D this winter. I haven’t been more excited to see a movie since I saw Suburban Commando in 3D in an acid-fueled hallucination I once had on a dreary night in February. I was in 4th grade, and the flag still meant something. 

I opened a can of Pringles once, and a squirrel ran out of it. I like to think we met one another on purpose; that things in life happen for a reason. In reality, my cousin, Fredrick, worked at the Pringles factory, and on his last day filled bunch of cans with squirrels. Come to think of it, I have no idea why I was so shocked. I should’ve felt the can’s weight was greater, and there was a jostling coming from inside (also, a squeaking). 

Here’s my list of favorite JAWS movies IN ORDER:


2. JAWS 2: Cruise Control

3. JAWS 4: Madea Goes to Church

4. JAWS 3: Lost In New York/Dark of the Moon

5. JAWSCOP: Cops and Jawswersons

6. JEWS: Schindler’s Bucket List

7. JAWZ: Step Up 2 The Street (Sharkshank Redemption)

Recent events have shed light on new life lessons to live by. Lesson #1 is DO NOT rub poison ivy all over your face unless you want to look like Charlie Sheen/Sloth combo (not the delicious cheese/pretzel snack)

If you need to stop hiccuping, hold your breath and swallow. That, or do enough mescaline to kill seven Tibetan wrestlers. 

My dog’s farts smell like Pauly Shore’s sweat, and burnt badger skin. Don’t ask me how I am familiar with either of those smells, because I honestly do not remember.





Thanks gang, that’s all I’ve got in me for now. That, and 20 cheeseburgers! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kill 300 GIANT MAN-EATING SCORPIONS. THANKS A LOT FOR INTERRUPTING! IF THE WORLD ENDS, IT’S YOUR FAULT! WAY TO GO!

And 1. 


Brought to you by Ratatouille-style Pez dispensers 


Every time I’m in a weird mood I think of Dennis Hopper saying, “The whim of a mad man.” From SPEED. 1994’s SPEED. Not to be confused with the television network, or the drug. 

Making a new movie called Pooper. It’s about Bruce Willis and J.G.L. stuck in a porta-potty for twenty-four hours with six pizzas, a bag of dead batteries, Colin Farrell, and ONE roll of toilet paper. Disney has signed on. 

There are a certain number of Slim Jims you can eat (eight) before you are sick of them forever. You like them just fine, but after the eighth Slim Jim in your lifetime, a small gland in your body stores the craving for them into a dark hole where forgotten flavors go to die.

Teen Wolf + Time Cop= TIME WOLF

Weekend at Bernie’s + Bernie = BERNIE AT BERNIE’S

Jurassic Park + Jury Duty = JURASSIC DUTY

The Postman + Jaws = THE JAWS

Sex & The City: The Movie + Simon Birch = HILARIOUS

If I were on the Sons of Anarchy, my character’s name would likely be Harvey Pittles. I would work in the garage part-time, and have a weekend gig at Target stocking shelves in the “Patio Furniture-Accessory” Section. I’d have a slight limp, that was only noticeable to close friends and family, and I’d have a ferret named Rafferty. 

Q: Where do most Zombies live?

A: On DEAD end streets! hahahahahahahaha :P LOL hahaha(picks up loaded gun) hahahahaha ohhh hahaha(puts to head) haha lmfao HAHAHA(pulls trigger. dies. wife comes in. time passes. will is read after funeral. will is as follows:

Bill- My entire set of Fraggle Rock DVDs (home-made), and a vinyl copy of the Beverly Hills Cop theme song sung by the Brooklyn Heights Children’s Choir. 

Frank- My collection of In Bruges rolling pins! One character from In Bruges painted on each rolling pin! (four total)

Hammish- A half eaten tuna fish sandwich, and a bag of hair. fuck you Hammish.

Stetson- A football helmet filled with cement. To be used as weapon, or decoration. NEVER BOTH.

The New York Mets- A CLUE. HAHAHAHAHAHA (rises from grave.) muahahahahahahahaha(realizes he is some sort of god) aaahaha lol lololol (transcends life, and the universe. still loves KFC))

Thanks for playing guys. Your parting gifts include the sound of children crying forever, and 14 REAL Gremlins. DO NOT GET THEM WET! ;) Winx. See yall around XMAS!






You will probably listen to this one million times, so just be ready for that. - Paul


Here’s a dubstep remix I made of James Adomian doing Jesse Ventura doing Skrillex noises (also a little Eddie Pepitone).

Also featuring Doug Benson and Paul F. Tompkins (as Cake Boss).

Taken from Doug Loves Movies #607 and The Benson Interruption at Bumbershoot.



Something even more annoying I did with Peacock & Gamble a while back: http://zacbentz.bandcamp.com/track/yaboolaboola

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Your daily Ferrero. Enjoy.

Your daily Ferrero. Enjoy.

Schindler’s List 2: Cruise Control

Reese Witherspork.

I wish that my feet had wheels that came out of them, like airplanes, or feet-wheels.

Sometimes, my dog masturbates. It’s a little disturbing when he does it while on my lap, or leaning on me, but what’s more disturbing is the amount of times I’ve taken video, and shown it to as many people as I can. They need to know the truth.

My dad once woke himself up with his own fart….turned to me and yelled, “I told you it’d break! It’s a fucking burger box!” To this day, I think the source of my depression is not knowing where that came from, or what it meant. 

"There’s a storm coming Mr. Dwayne Wayne. You and your friend(Sinbad)s better batten down the hatches." ~ Catwoman (Jasmine Guy)  (sunglass flip)

There is actually a southern baseball player named Chipper Jones, which is such a bummer, because A. He totally ruined the best southern baseball character’s name in a hilarious baseball summer comedy movie…..and B. I can’t name my dog that now. 

The skin on John Cusack’s face sags 1/4 inch every two years. In 7-8 years, he will look like one of the faces Geena Davis makes to be scary in Beetlejuice. 

I had to Google how to spell Cusack. It still doesn’t look right.

Christopher Lloyd. Christopher Guest. Gulloydstopher Christ!? 

The shirt I’m wearing right now smells like cat & pee. I don’t have a cat, and have never peed in my entire life. Weird right!? How does it smell like this!?

If you eat 34 ice cherry ice pops in a row, very quickly, you will get a bad stomach ache, and probably a few other small problems. 

Just to clarify, I am not a doctor, I’m just pretty good with ice pop information. 

Dogs must CONSTANTLY want to chew through their skin to get to those bones. Cause they love bones so much!

Remember that movie NORTH!? Ahhh. Yeah.

MACY’S in Times Square is the tallest building in the world. It has been said that if you drop pennies off the top, you will have completely wasted some money. Also, you may have killed people. 

I have work in 5 hours, which makes me think FUUUUCK. (Not about fucking, just the word, FUUUUCK.)

Thanks gang! See you next year!

<3 T-boz

ps- power shift

ps- popular snails

ps- poop salt

ps- powder slime

ps- pumpkin sex

ps- pillow shavings

ps- punch susan

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Wait…ANYTHING I want??

—Danny Boyle

Jim Halpert&#8230;.Jim Harper..
Both in love with a whimsical girl in the office they can&#8217;t have&#8230;both witty and slightly clumsy&#8230;both can NEVER button the top button of their shirt&#8230;c&#8217;mon Sorkin&#8230;

Jim Halpert….Jim Harper..
Both in love with a whimsical girl in the office they can’t have…both witty and slightly clumsy…both can NEVER button the top button of their shirt…c’mon Sorkin…